WWA Update Changelog (Indev 1.4)

Here I will be uploading the update logs for my game.

Play the game here: https://www.roblox.com/games/6711516547/WWA

Indev 1.3

-Changed the game back to first person.

-Started testing some fungal zombies that might make its way into the game eventually (The thinking behind these is that the aliens introduced some fungus to the humans that made them turn into zombies)

-Started trying out with a new alien unit which probably will be added with the new game mode which has been delayed for the time being.

-Hid the mouse cursor and replaced it with a dot

-Added some hit marker sound effects to spruce up the game a bit.

-Added a visual hit marker

-The game timer now works and the Harvester game mode is almost finished and I can put all my resources on the new game mode. The timer was fixed and now replicates across all clients.

-The release phase of the game is planned to begin with the update Indev 1.9 → Release