WWE 2K20 - Women's Evolution!

Women’s Evolution!

The long wait is over, features for our female players are here!

  • Women’s Title Swap
    – Along with Mobile Compatibility and a new GUI, you can now swap the WWE Championship and Tag Team Championships to the women’s equivalent
  • Women’s Superstar Pack
    – With an unprecedented 4 trons in one pack, we are introducing a new Superstar Pack for you to purchase and emulate your favorite WWE Superstars.
  • Evolution PPV
    – The Evolution Pay-Per-View is now here! The Pay-Per-View occurs right after Wrestlemania (it is solely for aesthetic purposes).

Entrance Studio Changes

Quality Of Life Changes

  • VIP Servers have been reset, but now at a cost of only 10 Robux, purchase them while they are cheap!

Bug Fixes

  • Patched error allowing players to break into the Ring Area
  • Squashed bug that broke Taunt Packs upon respawn

Experience the changes for yourself!

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(cc: @TerryMichaelBrunk)