X-wing system :D

Hey guys!!

i am working on an X-wing system, i need some reviews!

try it here ofc…



Like the camera movement when you speed up, the camera lag behinds but it lags too much which causes the x - wing to disappear for a while. Try reducing the lag time, to ensure the x wing remains within the camera range. The projectile source could be a bit close to it would like it is coming from the space craft itself, Otherwise, nice touch with landing gear. Good luck

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its not a bug, its suppose too look like “Hyperspace” (something from star wars) and i know how to fix that easily :smiley: (I was gonna edit that anyway!)

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It looks very good! I played it and tried it out, and it’s very good.

I would suggest making the camera move less though, and make it so the X-wing is able to rotate when you move your camera, press A/D, or some other buttons.