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About Me

Hey there. Name’s ZAUQRI/Siro, I’ve been creating graphics for a while now, not sure how long but y’know, a while.





I’ll add more as time passes and I make more things, only recently started creating again.

Digital Art



You can contact me here on Discord (Siro#0979), the Developer Forum or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/X622__

Or if you just wanna support my work , check my twitter out : https://twitter.com/X622__

Cheers for reading!


Awesome, your price is low for what you are doing I will hire you a future project.


Nice art.

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Damn those are some low prices!

You should ask for a little bit more, your quality is really good so people shouldn’t have any issues with :wink:


Haha, I ain’t used to pricing work but thanks! I’ll see how it goes for a while and judge it from that I think. Cheers. :grinning:


Your work is kind of up there with IDHAU, so see his prices for something to beat heh.



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Updated portfolio with new work and updated my prices.
Available for commission, only taking one person at a time.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Very awesome portfolio. And super cheap prices as well! For anyone looking to buy graphics, this is a steal of a deal! Nice job sir!

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If you look at my portfolio of what I’m doing here JM CG & VFX and adjust your picing to over $150 USD then you’ll be able to make back on what your time is worth. I’d reckon charge from 150 - 300 USD and increase your prices over time.

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I’ll take that as a compliment so thank you but I rarely get commissions at 20$ at the moment so I’d rather keep it at this price until I either improve (as I don’t think my work is worth much more than 20$ at this minute) or become more popular or something, y’know.

Thank you for the advice though, appreciate it.

If you market to the correct audience and DM 100 people from game developers, groups owners, etc then you’ll definitely get clients. Also for payment use PayPal invoices as if someone does charge back you then you can have a Terms and Conditions section in your invoice that the client must read. This helps you if you get charged back as you can just get a dispute with PayPal to get it sorted.

Might give it a shot, cheers. DM them on discord? Or on anything possible? Last thing from me n’ I’ll leave ya alone but what are invoices? Can’t find 'em on paypal.

Join Hidden Developers on Discord and DM people. Use social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more likes and followers which end up meaning you’ll have more clients in the long term. And to find PayPal invoices it’s under the Selling Tools and called Manage invoices.

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