XarkDev | Experienced & Skilled Scripter

About Me

Hello! I’m XarkDev and I’m an experienced scripter. I joined roblox back in 2012 for fun and started scripting in 2015-2016. I started taking scripting seriously in 2017-2018, where I first released my game Dunwall as a solo developer. I like to organize my scripts and have them in a modular way, I also write clean code so any other scripter can understand the code without hard times. I’ve released couple of games but due to game design errors they didn’t do well.


Includes a gripping system and carrying system that was not shown

Includes an inventory system that saves, the placement system is from EgoMoose with small tweaks. The furnace is optimized and it won’t lag if you have over 200 furnaces.

I fully scripted this game. This uses a non modular organization and I used Datastore2 for the datastore which I don’t use anymore since I have my own ways for saving and loading player data.

This is an old magic game where you can spin to get a certain magic class, which unlocks skills that you can use to destroy enemies or players. You unlock skill by leveling up, you can level up with quests. It has 6 classes and every class has it’s own % to unlock.

Games I’m not really proud of

I scripted this game because of a friend of mine and it turned out to not go as well as they thought. It uses MessageService to communicate with all the servers to enter an arena where they all battle together. You can unlock weights, be the king of the hill, and way more.

I worked at Koala Cafe back in 2017-2018.

I can pretty much do everything asked, I’m not really good with physics in roblox since I don’t know how to convert Newtons to roblox force.


I can work from 10 hours to 40 hours a week if needed. You can contact me any time on discord and I will answer unless I am asleep or I am working. Payment should be weekly if possible. The first time I work with you, I will want the pay first then I will give you the assets I’ve created unless you’re a reputable studio/developer. I just want to avoid scams.


Prices are negotiable, I accept an hourly pay. My preferred payment method is through PayPal or a bank transfer.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum.


Hey! I’m interested in your work. Shoot me a dm either here or on discord (orange#6523), so I can hopefully work something out with you.Thanks.

Hey! I am from Demostorus Inc. I see your work is highly capable for what I am planning to create. I would like to hire you sir. My discord is: Demestous#0703 Hope to work with you.

Hi, Im making a game with a team and we really need one more scripter, we can only pay in %. Would you like to join and help us please?

I am interested in your work please contact me at Spin Bot#0783

Sent you a talent hub invite please reach out ROWG_Leader#3822 thanks

Do you do private commissions too or just get hired in groups?

Im in need of a scripter to finish my team game its 80% Conpleted a sinulator