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About Me

Hello, I am XavScripts or Xavier. I joined Roblox as a guest in 2013 and made my current account in 2018. I started to learn how to script for fun for around 3+ years and have gained a lot of experience. I am familiar with the majority of roblox services and systems but I am a very fast learner and always willing to enhance my skill in scripting!

My work

FPS system

Simulator system

Ban System

2D Camera manipulation

Part Placement System

Radio System

“Incendia” Fire Spell System


I am available for around 15 hours a week. You can contact me any time on discord @Xav#9999


Prices are negotiable, I accept pay per project or per month, but we can negotiate on something else. My preferred payment method is Robux or USD.


Hello, how can I communicate with you? I am too interested in your work

Xav#1381 on discord or @XavRoblox on Twitter :smiley:

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