Xbox client frequently throws error 105 (game is full) on joining

For this game I keep getting loads of reports from Xbox players (only Xbox, not PC) that they keep getting error 105 (indicating the game is full) when trying to join the game. They always press Play, in about a second that error message pops up. When retrying, the message just keeps popping up. If they try again a day later or so, there’s a fair chance it’ll work perfectly fine then.

While some players experience those issues, definitely not all do, as other players can still join the game at the time one player has those issues.

I can’t really give reproduction steps, sadly, but it seems strongly related to friends. Players who have reported this issue tend to state their friends also have the issue at the same time. This makes me think it’s related to joining a server the players friends are in while the server is full.

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If the user is trying to follow their friend into a game through the follow feature, they will see this if the server is full. We have plans to add an automatic retry that will wait for a slot to open on the server, but I don’t have a timeline for that.

I have not been able to see this behavior when doing the normal join flow, just hitting play on the game details screen. It should land a player a server which has an open slot.

Xbox does support parties however. So users can create a party on Xbox Live, have any user in the party join the game, and the rest of the party will join the same server. I will say, the party system is not the most intuitive and we have plans to update this as well.

I’ve talked to some people having this issue and this is a situation I derive somewhat frequently:

  • The players “Other” and “Original” are in a Xbox party.
  • Other player is already in-game, Original is trying to join and having issues
  • Original player pressing the standard game page Play button gives error 105 (the player tried to join the other player)
  • Other player leaves the game (now no-one in the party is in-game)
  • Original player tries to join the game again, still giving the error. The players hoped this would put both clients into the same server.
  • Other player quits
  • Original player can join just fine now (on his own)

Servers in my game are very small, probably makes this issue much more common.

thanks for the additional info, we’ll take a look