Xbox Controller Button Icons for use in experiences

Hi there! I’ve decided to make some Xbox Controller Button Icons that you can use in your experiences. The icons that this includes is the A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT and windows buttons. This is my first time experimenting with basically using my own fonts, some of them look pretty bad but others look alright. I’m also not an Xbox user so I’m sorry if the button shapes aren’t quite right (I’m mainly a Nintendo user).

Either way, here’s a preview of the icons (they are designed on a 16px canvas with 2px padding minimum on each size).


Before you download, you acknowledge that you have to provide attribution to the creator (@GamersInternational), and that you are only able to use these icons for plugins or experiences on Roblox. You also acknowledge that you cannot claim this as your own, and you acknowledge that the creator (@GamersInternational) is the only person allowed to sell any of these icons for commercial use. this probably isn’t legally binding, but pls follow by these instructions

Xbox Buttons for use in Roblox (54.7 KB)

Provided in this ZIP file is a readme document containing information about the license above, as well as other stuff, and all the icons mentioned above in 16x16, 32x32, 64x64 and 128x128 PNGs (please only upload the 128x128 version or higher resolution for my sanity, as it’ll look clearer for players). If you need to make any changes, a Scalable Vector Graphics file is provided for each icon, you can edit the SVG in software such as Figma or Inkscape (Figma is recommended). If you need to have a larger size icon, open the SVGs for the files that you are using, and export them through one of the software mentioned.

Thanks for reading, I hope this resource is able to help someone. Take care!


You forgot the stick which allows you to move (i forgor what its called)

LS and RS? I don’t know of any Roblox games that use pressing on those sticks, don’t see much point of making icons for movement and the camera, and with the minimalist style, the sticks will look more like buttons.

Both , but i might be wrong

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Not sure if this refers to the actual pressing down of the sticks, but these exist in the KeyCode documentation.