Xbox Cursor location

Hi there, does anybody know if its possible to detect the position of the ‘xbox cursor’ (the white dot that appears above your player) in game? I have a system that involves clicking a certain named part, but uses the :GetMouse() function, which of course does not work on xbox, anyone got any idea’s?



Have you tested it? GetMouse works on mobile.

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You can “click” on xbox with the left trigger if I recall correctly, i.e. on parts with ClickDetectors. Maybe it also fires the events of the player’s mouse?


It works fine on Xbox.
Mouse.hit returns where the cursor is aiming, and the deprecated Mouse.Button1Down works for when the player uses right trigger, although it’s much more recommended to be using UIS or ContextActionService.

édit: works on xbox too.

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Cheers for the replies, everything working great, the one thing I can’t get working though is Mouse.Move, does this not work on xbox? (Would’ve thought that this would update whenever the player moves with the xbox controller, but then again as the xbox mouse doesn’t actually MOVE when controlling the player, it makes sense)

Apart from detect when the camera moves around, I can’t see another way of detecting this feature.

UPDATE: Detecting camera movement worked, thanks for all the help!

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