Xbox Developer Console - Selector Gets Stuck Outside

Xbox Developer Console Issue

Highlighter/Selector (not sure if there is a official name for it) can be onto UI elements (as well as core UI’s such as player list), causing the highlighter to be stuck on UI’s and not be able to get back into the developer console unless you close and re-open it.


Clicking the player list will cause your highlighter to exit the developer console and enter in CoreUI’s, but the developer console stays open. After closing the player list/leaderboard your highlighter can move to all of the UI’s but can not get back to the open developer console.

This bugs occur on every Xbox game I play that I have editing permission, as this seems to be the requirement for the developer console. I was only aware of them when I started testing today, April 16th.

  1. Join a game on Xbox that you have editing permission/can open the developer console.
  2. Open the menu, then click settings. Navigate down to the developer console and press open.
  3. Move your highlighter into the general frame (where you see output if you are in the Log tab).
  4. Move your navigation pad up so that it is highlighting your player name (+ stats if applicable). Click A to open and B to close.
  5. Click the change view button (left of the menu button) and move your ‘highlighter’ around. You are moving between UI elements while the developer console is still open.

This bug can be reproduced 100% of the time, although it requires the default player list to be enabled (or possibly a UI button at roughly the same Y position.


Bump, this still happens and if you have a backpack visible, the selector gets stuck to the backpack.
This happens when you attempt to use any button at the bottom of the dev console, making use of stuff such as the command bar unuseable.

You have to use the menu to get rid of it


This has gotten worse, and I have noticed that the selector does not let you toggle it anymore upon opening the developer console, so you are forced to have the Developer Console turned off if you are up to doing something in-game. This may annoy some people, who may have to test something for a second, as they have to turn on the Developer Console again after doing that action through the in-game menu.

this has gotten wayyy worse. now you cant even select anything in the xbox menu, and it is currently impossible to access anything in the menu without connecting a controller to your computer.