Xbox Graphics Quality Option

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to publish and maintain detailed and realistic games to console. The reason for this is that there isn’t a graphics slider option on Xbox. I use the Xbox Series X to test my game (sometimes dips in FPS) and since it’s a large game lower end Xbox’s such as the One, One S etc. will struggle to draw the distance of full graphics. I have just created a simple chunk loading system based on building interiors and exteriors, this will improve performance massively however the only thing stopping me is the fixed quality level.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because more players would be able to enjoy my game, including some of my friends who have been waiting so long for me to allow consoles to play.


This not being a thing is negatively affecting the experience of my games on Xbox and games I wish to play. Bumping as I’d love to know why this isn’t a feature on Xbox.

If a response on this matter has been said on another post, could someone link it? I haven’t found a reason for the absence of the quality slider on Xbox.

Additionally, it seems Xbox feature requests have a very low response percentage. I’ve gone through all the feature requests in this category I’m able to see, yet the response from Roblox here is lacking and concerning.

The Roblox Xbox app is lacking in many departments rendering it not intising to play or develop for. I feel the player-count of Xbox reflects this. Is there an issue when it comes to Xbox specifically and making changes?

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Roblox has a console platform share of 2% if their last annual report[1] is anything to off of, I don’t think there’s much time spent in the console department because of this


Roblox has said stuff about growing to other platforms like PS4. I feel Roblox’s 2 percentage of players would grow on Xbox if they took care of it and made it a good place to play. Bringing up issues and ideas from over the years I’ve found is not streamlined as a “member”, but response for Xbox isn’t great anyways.

From my understanding, you are saying Roblox isn’t responding due to how little people use Xbox. I feel people don’t use Xbox for Roblox because it isn’t great and needs to improve.

A isn’t happening because B, but B isn’t happening because A.

The graphical quality option is one of many reasons I don’t recommend using Xbox for Roblox. It makes it hard to play certain games and load times are a constant issue because of the lack of it.


Classic chicken and egg problem. Yeah its a bit of an issue, I dont target console platforms because of this.

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I mean considering I posted this 2 years ago it shows Roblox’s commitment to the console-side of things. It seems like a half-baked release as it’s missing this key feature which would allow older consoles such as the original Xbox One to join games as they have older hardware and would require such a feature to make it more enjoyable.

Hopefully they will respond to this at some point with an update on what’s happening.


I tested Roblox on Xbox and the app is extremely bad, limited games number on the home page, can’t chat, bad ui, non intuitive controls, login issues (can’t even login with my main Roblox account).

And a lot of other things.


Hey folks!
I’m the PM working on Xbox, and just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback. From a big picture perspective, we are really looking into investing in improving Xbox this year, both from a performance and a usability perspective.

Re: Graphics Quality Slider:
Currently our priority is getting Roblox to run efficiently and effectively on consoles. In the situations where our optimizations arent enough, we want to automatically degrade quality/rendering instead of forcing a user to change the Quality slider. You should see automated graphics being the default within the next few weeks. The improved performance on Xbox should be landing this year, with comprehensive auto-degradation feature taking a bit longer.

EDIT: This is out now!


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