Xbox: how does Friend and Teleport API work?

I’m adding a main menu to Heroes! and I would like to have a Join a Friend menu. Are Xbox players friends with each other? Like, if I call the Player:GetFriendsOnline() API will it return… anything for an Xbox player? What if it finds a PC player and then I try to teleport them to that player’s server? Will it just fail out? Will they be able to see?

I want to ensure a quality experience for my console players. I’m pretty sure this is uncharted territory.

There’s a category for Xbox-related questions: (linking it because I don’t know if any dev has tried this specifically already)

I’ve moved this to the proper category.

On Xbox, Player:GetFriendsOnline() will return the players online Roblox friends. Most Xbox players probably won’t have any Roblox friends since there is no way to add Roblox friends on Xbox.

As for teleporting an Xbox player to an PC instance and vice versa, this will fail and give a Enum.TeleportState.Failed result for the player.OnTeleport event.

Thanks, but what if I want an xbox player to be able to play with friends?

This is not currently possible because of Xbox requirements. Xbox players cannot be in the same servers as non-Xbox players.


While yes Xbox now allows cross platform play now, it comes along with it’s own set of requirements that must be met.

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