Xbox lag issues, can't find a cause

Hey all, was moving into the release of my game on the Xbox and immediately experience tons of FPS drops. Workspace consists of nothing except one of two small maps.

I’m not sure if other areas such as (Replicated Storage and ServerStorage) effect much.

The client memory is pretty much always less than 500, I also went through and optimized a few scripts (removing connections and what not.) The lag has never been an issue on pc. I’ve even tested the game on my Iphone with no issue.

I removed the backgrounds from the maps, as seen in the pictures and it helped quite a bit. I also noticed removing the backgrounds made it so when looking in certain directions, the lag was no longer there. I don’t really understand that when the maps are pretty basic. Any other questions ill gladly answer. I really want to get this game on the Xbox.

it probably because the xbox is cant run roblox that well. will do it done did lag in other games as well??? if it lagger in your game then means you need to remove lots of parts for lag to stop. also delete any scripts because they can lag game as well.

I’ve already covered a topic on this, the topic could help you:

Memory Leaks| Root Causes | How to fix them

This is my script memory.

That’s not much. Anyways, not a lot of people play on XBOX and you can also set people on XBOX not to play your game. It’s either your XBOX is bad at handling or it’s just that XBOX’s can’t handle much.

I think i found the cause, but i have no idea how to fix it. On pc there is no untracked memory at all. But on xbox theres 600+ untracked memory.

Right, did you try disconnecting connections?

Yea, every connection in the game gets disconnected when needed. I store them in a table, disconnect and remove when needed.

Do you have a faulty XBOX since the XBOX could be not tracking memory.

It is fairly old, so the only other way i could tell is if someone with a newer xbox tried playing.

So that shows it’s about your XBOX. The thing is, modern games such as ROBLOX are not able to be fully tracked on the XBOX. Now because of this, data is left and untracked memory rises and hence, causes your lag. I think I’ll be able to test your game. Shall I test your game? I’m not sure if my XBOX doesn’t run very well so if it’s laggy, it could not be 100% accurate but I’ve played many games on it so I don’t see the problem with playing your game.

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Honestly, I’m experiencing no FPS issues or lag spikes. I think it’s your XBOX.

Remember that XBox is locked to the highest quality setting, this could be the issue.

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