Xbox menu breaks when testing in studio with new Experience Controls

This issue affects people who have received the new Experience Controls update, which I have, and it is broken when changing the device to Xbox in the Test tab.

Below is an attached video which shows the issue in action.

Click here to watch the video (

You can reproduce this issue if you have the new Experience Controls, and then by selecting your Device as Xbox. It breaks the menu, and makes it impossible to leave the game without stopping it in studio.

I am unsure if it works on Windows, as the only machine that can access studio that I have access to is an M2 Mac running Ventura.


Can confirm that I had this issue. The menu seems to never go away when I test on Xbox with the emulator, and with a controller connected.


  • OS: Windows 11
  • Connection: Ethernet
  • Place type: Team create (haven’t tested solo dev)
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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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It has been 2 weeks as of this post being put up, and I am happy to report that the new Experience controls are now indeed working, but they have a few bugs to squash before they’re ready.

I’ve gotten access to a controller, so I was able to test a little more than checking if the ui works.

You can watch the menu in action here (

There are a few issues I would like to highlight:

  • The chat option should be removed in the Experience Controls menu (the cube in the top right) unless chatting will come to Xbox/Playstation
  • The report option in the Experience Controls menu only works when you press it a second time (and every other time after that)
  • The settings menu’s items scroll off of the menu after scrolling for the first time, making it look quite unpleasant
  • The buttons reset, leave and resume are quite big - im not sure if this can be fixed easily.

Still on an M2 Mac running Ventura 13.4, so nothing I did impacted this.

Hopefully these issues can be resolved!

Edit: The errors are in the image below (I forgot to add them before posting)

This post will be marked as the solution until these other issues are fixed.