Xbox One games lag too often because of quality setting restrictions

As a ROBLOX developer, it is currently too hard to make games with particles and textures in quantity because of the graphic settings the Xbox One is currently defaulted at (10). There should be a setting to turn down the graphics level just like on PC or give developers the ability to set the graphics level at which the place is at. Lag is a main issue for Xbox One as I’ve seen it as a complaint by many players/developers on the platform and have one myself.


One big issue is that just loading into games causes a lag spike for 5 seconds. Very annoying.


As a Roblox developer, it is impossible to test my games to the best ability for all platforms. My games have a mechanism that detects what graphics the player is currently on, and if the player is on graphics 1, then parts will disappear (for example, small details such as books on a bookshelf). This is to increase performance further for players that have trouble running the game such as mobile players.

On Xbox, the graphics is locked at the maximum (10) and therefore I cannot test the performance improvement on Xbox.

Not only does it restrict my ability to test the feature on Xbox, it means users won’t have the ability to run my game on a lower quality level or access the custom quality features I have made. Because of the sheer amount of content which is commonly found in games now days, this means lower end systems are unable to run my games efficiently.


FWIW, the only method I am aware of to check for graphics quality also does not tell you the accurate number if the player is using automatic.