Xbox One UGC/Copyright Questions

Hi all,
I had two quick questions in regards to the requirements to be featured on Roblox for the Xbox One.

  1. With the copyright requirement, does it only apply towards audio files, or would using a certain brand in-game cause issues with licensing? Case-in-point, the project my partner and I work on together uses popular automotive brands (Eg. Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari etc.), and we use free 3D models online (With proper attribution). Would this prevent us from having our project featured on the Xbox One? If so, could we change the names/brands of the cars (Eg. Ferrari to Purrari) to avoid copyright issues?

  2. Our project has a radio built-in that allows players to play music to nearby players (Of their choice). Would we be on the hook for players who play copyrighted sounds on the Xbox One, or would we need to modify the Xbox One radio to support whitelisted audio only?


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In regards to the boombox, just disable buying it for console players. As XBox servers run seperately from mobile and pc servers, you won’t come across the issue of players playing copyrighted songs on XBox if you just disable purchasing the boombox in the first place.

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Before doing that I think it’d be good to know whether that’s necessary in the first place. Boomboxes are a big % of revenue, so getting rid of them on console would hurt sales tremendously.

As far as I know, textboxes cant even be inputted into on Xbox (At least back when I was developing for one of the first games on ROBLOX Xbox, if it has changed since then let me know.) So inputting the sound Ids wouldn’t be possible. And even if it were possible it would be so awkward for a console player to drag up sound I’d to play. Like they’re literally have to use another device to grab some sound Ids to play or write them down on a piece of paper or something.

Boom boxes aren’t a major source of income in my project - I’m just wondering if I need to get rid of them for Xbone support

Doesn’t XBox have a built-in browser app? I’d be shocked if it didn’t – even the Wii had one.

You’re right that it would still be a pain though. Assuming textboxes work, to circumvent the ID mess, a developer could create an in-game catalog similar to the one in Catalog Heaven, and/or save the player’s recently played songs or allow them to save playlists, meaning they’d only have to get the ID once.

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The main question I have is in regards to the copyright requirement - as to if it only applies to sounds, or other assets as well.

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  1. I would advise doing what you previously said; Change the brand names to something you made up just like Rockstar did with their in-game vehicles. If you change the brand names to something that isn’t copyrighted you shouldn’t have an issue.

  2. Hire a musician to create non-copyrighted music for your Roblox game.