Xbox Players Auto Equipping Tool on R2 Release?

This is a very irritating problem that I’ve encountered months ago (probably back in Feburary or sooner) in one of my games. I’ve only gotten into this now issue now because I’ve stopped updating this game for a moment due to lack of motivation and lack of public ethusamism towards it, but I got into updating it again and I have to deal with this now, and this issue is incredible hard to track down.

The issue is that whenever my console players respawn into the game and begin pressing the R2 and release the R2 button on their xbox controller on any of the tools available to them, they will always switch to one specific random weapon and unequip other weapons they’re using. The worst part is that if they press & release the R2 button to the switched weapon, it unequips it as well, making it where the console players are unable to play the game at all.

I’ve been trying to tackle this problem all day, I tried multiple things to tackle this problem:

  • Disable Tool scripts incase they’re triggering anything
  • Remove Tools and see if it’s just one specific tool doing so or not
  • Remove multiple local scripts and any tool event
  • Try to change the xbox module control

And I keep coming up to not, even when I disable all tool scripts it still keeps happening; I don’t even know what to look for.

You shouldn’t rely on Roblox’s scripts if you continue having these issues, I highly recommend making your own by checking what button they pressed.

This is the keybind to switch tools on Xbox is what I thought, I don’t know if you can change it.

What I would do is hide the backpack for console users, and make a custom backpack with your own controller input.

R2 / L2 Buttons are the trigger buttons while the R1/L1 buttons are the switch tools buttons.