Xbox players can no longer chat, resulting in major loss of playercount

If that game is on console and it allows console players to chat (typing text themselves), then based on this bug report that would mean that game is not respecting the return value of CanUserChatAsync (or does not call it at all) and that would mean they are against the TOS.


This is actually mis-information. Text Chat has never been available on Xbox at a platform level (Our Xbox app is over 3 years old). This is due to stringent privacy policy implications that require us to add additional complexity to Text Chat. This change does not impact other platforms.

If you wanted Text Chat to be available on Xbox you had to fork the ChatScripts and then modify them in order for Text Chat to be visible, and work properly. This requires overhead from a developer, and was never intended. While it has been possible previously, in order comply with Xbox standards so that you may continue to ship games on Xbox we needed to prevent Text Chat on Xbox from being possible.

As for your other concerns, they will not be addressed here, as its off-topic.


My apologies. Thank you for correcting me.


It is still possible, though. If you make a custom chat for xbox users will your game be moderated?


At that point you would not be respecting the values returned by various chat and filter-related API that you are obliged to use when handling player input, so your game would be against the TOS.


Why not just save your platform by accepting an E10 Rating, its Either stay at E and loose Over half of the Xbox players or accept the E10 Rating and loose About a tiny fraction of Xbox Players (like 1/18) :slight_smile: and Minecraft is E10 and Has lots more players then Roblox…


What if in my game I create something that let XBOX players chat? A chat system separated to the Roblox chat system? I don’t mean that i created it, just I want to know, cause chat is very important for me. Some games that i play require chat, cause some games are co-op, or games have a password door system with chat system. I just played a game called CASTLE in Xbox, and there was a moment that said: Chat the answer.

How I would chat if XBOX players can’t chat?

If you care about rating age. Don’t do it! Cause the age rating is just a recommendation, not a forced rating, some games like “Fortnite” are set as T+, only because it has violence, some young brothers of my friends plays fortnite, when they are 9-10. I hope the staff read my reply


See post above:

Check out how Rocket League or Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes handles this. They have a few preset emotes / texts that players can trigger, rather than a full-blown text chat. It should be fine to do that as long as you don’t actually let players insert text themselves, since the emotes and texts are whitelisted content by you as the developer, not user content.

If you’re talking from the player perspective, then ask the developers of the games you play to do this.

Then those games should turn off Console compatibility or add a way for console players to open them (i.e. textbox UI). This seems to be more of a problem with the game mentioning they are console compatible when they actually have poor compatibility, not a problem that Roblox needs to address.


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Im assuming this is because of the rating, right? Fortnite, Minecraft, Rocket League, and tons more have text chat, so can you clarify thats because of their rating?