Xenightspell | Scripter/Game Designer

About Me

Hey there! My name is Chris, or xenightspell. I’ve been developing games since 2012, have been developing on Roblox since 2014, and I’m currently a full-time developer on this platform. I am a very open person so feel free to shoot me any questions you may have!

Frequently Asked Questions

I just have questions about coding, can I ask you?

Again, yes of course! If you need help with coding please reach out to me on Discord and I’d be happy to help you out! Note that if you just ask me to make a script for you I will ignore you.

Do you have experience with any external code editors/IDEs?

I have only used Roblox Studio for development on Roblox to this point in my career. I have used Visual Studio Code for things such as creating Discord Bots. I’m opening to learn something new if the job needs it though.

Projects/Games I’ve contributed to

Dawn of Aurora

Dawn of Aurora
Dawn of Aurora is a futuristic open-world MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world. This is by far my most advanced and ambitious project. I joined the team when the game was in an alpha released state. We are currently working to overhaul gameplay systems and get the game ready for full-release along with making it compatible on all platforms.

My work primarily involves programming, but I’ve used skillsets such as animation, UI design, game design, and project management on this project.

Incentive Games

Champion Simulator
Speed Champions
Bomb Simulator
Brain Simulator
I have been brought onto these games by AzireBlox to actively update them. We try to push updates to them about once a week.
Currently only working on Champion Simulator

do_big games

I have been the primary coder or made major contributions to all of the following games for do_big:
Mansion Tycoon!
Animal Life
Hospital Life Roleplay
Candy Land Tycoon
Among Us Tycoon
Modern House Tycoon
Would You Rather
Monster Hunting Simulator

I worked with do_big to create new games and add new features to all active games. I study revenue to improve current game passes and developer products and to add new ones. I also focus on player retention and visit length to find what we can improve with UX.

Other games

The Grand Crossing
While on this project I would be assigned systems to create and get them done by the set due date. Notable contributions include coding the 2020 egg hunt event, and creating backend infrastructure for the revamped backpack/skins system.

I work with the rest of the team to decide what future updates should include. Most of my work on this game involves fixing and maintaining the legacy codebase

Work I’m most proud of

Roller Coaster System

I work on creating a modern Roblox theme park game for a friend in my free time, and this is the coaster system I created for it.

Destructible Voxels

I’ve always been interested in making Voxel games, and one day I ran into a game called “Ace of Spades”. I decided to try to recreate a similar system to it, and this is what I came up with.

Custom CSG Solver

This is a very rudimentary CSG Solver.

I also post a lot of stuff on my Twitter, so make sure to check that out to see my newest stuff!


Currently not open for commissions!


I accept the following payment forms:

  • USD via PayPal
  • Robux - If a marketplace fee is involved, you must cover this

I do not tend to take a percentage as a form of payment, but if I believe that the project has potential I may take this route.


You can send me a message here on the Developer Forum or at:

Feel free to reach out to me regarding business or any questions you may have!


Really great person to work with. He is willing to spend a ton of time on whatever you need done and has helped tremendously over at Site-Delta with large fixes and the new Gun System he’s working on for us from complete scratch. Definitely would recommend him especially if you need someone for hours of work.


Xenight is a great developer, extremely professional and completes his tasks on time with high quality. He exceeds expectations and shares ideas of his own, providing insight to improve a game’s system. He recently completed an egg hunt system for our project (The Grand Crossing), the system was completed in due time and no bugs arose post-update. I’m glad to have him working for our team (The Grand Crossing project), I would definitely recommend him!


Would you be able to create a simulator in less than 2 weeks?

“Simulator” is a pretty broad term. Please reach out to my through one of my contact options and we can discuss details.

Sent a friend request on Discord: Rudy Gobert = STINKER!!!#7320

Sent friend request on Discord: s_udden#7271

Hey I am interested in your work ill add you on discord: Venturia123#1029