xKorl 2020 Cheap Clothing Designer

Hello! I am xKorl. I have been a clothing designer for three years. I am self-taught, and I do this mostly as a hobby. I will gladly help you for free if I feel very motivated. Anyway here are some of my designs -

Older Work (January-May 2020)




Group Merch



I am available on most days. School days may prevent me from working earlier, but I will usually still be able to help :heart:


My preferred payment method is per asset.
My prices are:
Normal shirts (shaded, drawn, textured and everything in between) : 20 - 65 rbx (.5 USD)
Normal pants : 25 - 70 rbx (1 USD)
Sets/Made to match: 200-250 rbx (3 USD)
Uniforms and Game rel items: 200 -800 rbx (5 USD)
You are expected to pay at least 25% of the total price first


required: https://discord.gg/GCChDFt

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


You have some SERIOUS potential, and way more then what you put yourself out to be worth. I love that you do this as a hobby- it’s so amazing to see in the community.


You should change the prices to 30-150+ robux, this is eye-grabbing clothing. Would get tons of sales if bumped or shouted out


You should make a clothing tutorial. The designs are nice and clean! :slight_smile:


I am planning to do that after I am considered “trusted”. I want more people to see me not as a person that goes around begging for a job, but as a person working for credibility. I believe that making my service cheap will encourage people to buy my work, so I can finally and properly record my experience to be considered trusted.


Hello other Robloxians, I recomend Korl for you if you want some nice quick and easy service, although we had some hickups (mostly my fault) we still got it done, I love how fast I got the shirts, now the members of my group can show off their love for my games :smile:


Hi! I love your clothing, would love to hire you! Here is my post. [STILL OPEN] Clothing designers for c h a i n $

I saw this a couple days back, I’m sorry but I don’t want to take the job.

Ok! No problem!

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@xKorl came on board with over 20 different design concepts for my LGBTQ+ Community and did an amazing job. Great communication and had no issues completing minor tweaks very quickly! Please note Korl was just asked to do LGBTQ+ themed clothing only. So those design examples above that you see were created solely by Korl’s imagination which was epic!

Overall great communication, and a friendly person to work with :smile:


I highly recommend xKorl if you want quality clothing! Got my shirts done in only a day!

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also for more examples checkout my group store -> happi clothing

Attention you will have to pay 25% of the price upfront because of some people wasting my time… Please do not order if you can’t afford the price.

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Worked with Korl and obtained my outfits quickly, had the details I wanted and more, and was well priced! Definitely recommend others to commission from her.

P.S., you should raise your prices!! <3


I ordered some outfits from xKorl, and I was super happy with the results. The order did not take long to fulfill, I was kept up to date on progress, and it was just overall a great experience working with her!


I can tell xKorl is a very hard-working and skilled individual. She got the job done under a day, with great results! I definitely recommend you make your prices higher, you shouldn’t underestimate your quality. :happy1:

Overall a great experience, I recommend buying from xKorl! :happy3:


Highly recommend! Very unique, high quality designs made quickly and for a great price. xKorl is very talented in what she does, trustable and an overall great person to work with.Would 100% order again.


Hello, do you think you could make a knight/crusade type of clothing?

interested please accept my discord request

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