xLights + ROBLOX

Before I get started, xLights is a sequencing program for Christmas lights controlled by controllers (Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, etc). It’s quite hard to read this data that is sent out from it and send it to Roblox.

Anyway, I spent my weekend working on a little project using Python and Lua to use the data from xLights to render to a cloud server, then Roblox to take that data and display it in RGB form.

In total, the server uses 58 Lines. Roblox has 71, and the Python script on my local machine has 167.



From xLights, there is a WiFi controller option that is used to send data to the local machine it’s running on.

Using this custom wizard I made, It renders all the E131 transmissions from xLights to my custom controller in the cloud.

From there, Roblox sends a request to that controller asking for the rendered sequence, which looks a little like this:

After doing so, it sets the RGB values and waits 1/40th of a second (40 FPS), and runs it all!


So based on this, is xLights is a program for making those cool Christmas shows?
This could be very cool and very useful if you use it correctly

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Yes, correct. At the moment, I’m working on multiple strands of lights so I can have a house lit up by December 25th!

Sounds great! I’ll look forward to seeing it!
No pressure of course

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Got it working! Multiple strings were quite hard to deal with but I figured out a solution using the universes in the program. It now asks for the number of strings and adds the listeners for each one. From there it’s sent to the controller and read by Roblox. (and yes you can do more than 2 strands)

EDIT: Forgot to mention, there is a limit to the number of pixels per string, which is 170. To bypass it, but a second string on the end of the first one and classify it as a “new string”

This is very cool, I can’t wait see what else you make using this!

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thats absolutely wicked. Good job!

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Could you play a video using these or do they only work in lines instead of boxes?

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Any shape works! I used candy canes not so long ago.

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Yes Xlights program is awesome here is my show setup

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