XLR - Check out my art!

Exelar here! Thought I’d finally make a post promoting my work. Heres one of my works with some extra screenshots I took while making the thumbnail.

Check out my both my galleries!

I’ve done several collaborations with other artists from the community and I’ve established an effective duo with Fdfxd2, another fellow ROBLOX artist who deserves to be in the forums!

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Oh god, it’s XLR…HIYA!!! I’m like you biggest fan!! Your art is so awesome. May I have your autograph :smile:

Seriously though, you really give a shine to roblox characters in your’e renders. I think I heard that you use CInema4D, is that right? Second question, do you start the characters from scratch or import them and polish them up? Or a mix of both. I don’t really use bump maps in my renders, but I will soon, seeing the detail that comes with them.

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Your work has and always inspires me! I wish I was that good.

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you always have amazing renders. :+1:

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