Xontez | Artist/Graphic Designer - 2021

About me

Howdy, it’s xontez here back to bring you some affordable services with valuable quality! I have been on the roblox platform for roughly 3 years now with 2 years graphic designing experience. Please read the below information before ordering.

Here are some examples of my work


Profile Picture: 50
Group Logo: 25
AD: 15


Available all day after 2PM GMT.


Prices are negotiable, you HAVE to pay first or pay the first 50% of the price for me to start making the order due to scams. You can pay through group funds, buying a gamepass from me.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forums or via Twitter at: ( https://twitter.com/Xontez4 )
or discord at xontez#3666

Thanks for reading!

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Nice work!
I would raise the prices.

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Very great Work! Keep it up - hunter :slight_smile:

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Update: Closed for now. Will be open later in the month.

I am not a GFX designer but instead a UI designer same to Graphic designer. Try to make the GFX less dark. The rest is very decent, nice job! :smirk_cat:

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Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.