Xpresso Cafe Build

Hey! I’ve been working on a cafe for a group, and I feel as if something seems off. I’m not entirely sure what, but any feedback would be incredibly appreciated! I’m willing to start over, but I think this is a good start. Please be honest! Thank you!


Photos in reply below.



Great job ! I really like the structure some timps while decoration inside use plants decoration always look good make chairs not blocky try using diferent size of tables of tables
thats all i can think on :slight_smile:


Thanks! :+1: Will be working on the interior and taking in your advice.

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The structure looks great so far, keep us updated on the interior!

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Hey, Its good, is that on youtube??

What do you mean that it’s on Youtube?


The cafe looks too small and I can’t even see where the doors are… or maybe I’m just blind. Anyways, nice work! Add a bit of lighting to the cafe and maybe add more colours, instead of just brown and grey.

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Okay! Sounds good, will do so. Any suggestions on what types of colors will do better?

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Probably white or light brown. Sorry for the late reply!

Thats a sick lookin wood texture you got there. If its free could ya provide a link? really like the look of the wood. If not its cool :grinning:

Overall the build looks great. Very clean looking. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in the end. Cafe builders never seem to disappoint.

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Isn’t that on youtube… I found like the same build on yt like 2 hours ago-

Nope! I can send you my work proof in DMs if needed!