Y-Wing from Star Wars

This is a work in progress of the Y-Wing from Star Wars, this is not the version used in the original trilogy, instead it is a variant used earlier on during the clone wars (I think? I honestly have no idea)

All feedback is appreciated, just drop you suggestions and I’ll try to incorporate them into the model as I finish it up either tomorrow or sometime after that.


It looks Great!

Here are my suggestions though:

  1. Try moving the cockpit up a little
  2. Maybe try adding a little more texture to the flat spaces!

Here is the reference picture I was comparing this to:
BTL-B Y-wing fighter-bomber | Wookieepedia | Fandom

I would love to see that when/if the textures are added!

Looks good, just be weary of the triangle limits for studio

It looks great. My problem with it is THERE IS NO DROID SLOT. HOW COULD YOU? Jk, but please add a droid slot. Btw, I think it looks amazing, and it will probably look even better with textures.

  1. I didn’t even make the cockpit yet
  2. As the post clearly states, this is a work in progress