Yenyang4 Game Design Portfolio

Who Am I?

2008 kicked off my love for the platform, I’ve taken a few breaks throughout the years but I keep coming back for more. Roblox has always been my home away from home, and even when I wasn’t actively working on games, Its been a tool to take my mind off and unwind after a long day.

I’m a design professional, with a degree in multimedia production; with past experience designing and selling 2D graphic work for print media. I switched career fields over to restaurant service, bartending and management, and now I’m looking to make Roblox my new full time!

More About Me

I started building on roblox the moment I first stepped foot on its shores… literally! The first game I ever played was Officer Tom’s Pilgrim’s Islands (Highland for Life); and I’ve been bending Roblox Parts to my whim eversense.

as an avid “builder”, transitioning into UI design/implementation was an easy task with my background in media design. I’ve also moderated several communities outside of roblox, and helped many of the small businesses I’ve worked for with their social media outreach.

I’m an active member of the EBR, and I’ve established a pretty wide network with fellow developers on the platform. Being around a long time means I’ve met some of the largest developers on roblox when they were just starting out…

Seriously, ask Tyridge77 about the Asylum project we were working on in 2013 wink

I also have over a decade of theater and acting experience, and did voice lines for HEX years ago.

Formerly a community liaison for the Retroscape Community Discord, organizing events, release news, and more to build up the game on release!


As always you can find most of my current work on my Profile

Portside Commerce, A very large passion project based around Victorian England, more specifically, a “Gaslight Fantasy” setting

Chess Club, A Concept piece for a Board Game Cafe

UiTests, The first UI I made after returning in 2019, largely inspired by the Sims

Scifi Tests, the first project I worked on after returning from a break in 2019, a great place for those of you interested in Sci Fi CRT monitors that slowly update text over time :stuck_out_tongue:

Some Visuals

Modular Warehouse Build


Availability & Scheduling

Currently I’ve taken on a few small projects that amount to roughly 3-4 hours a day, but I’m looking for larger, full time projects!

Payment, Contracts, and the like

I’m used to negotiating work contracts, so If you’re looking for contractor work feel free to leave me a message via any of the contact options below.
Commissioned hours usually follow a standard contracting fee, and hourly estimate

For larger projects, or full time employment opportunities, please provide a secondary contact / email in your response so that I can reach you in a timely manner


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum,
on Discord; Yenyang4#8124
or via Twitter at:


Would recommend, currently have had the pleasure of working with the past few days and has excellent communication and workflow energy.

Also has spicy builds :eyes:

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