Yet Another Module3D Rewrite

Alright, it is that time again. I have rewritten parts of CloneTrooper1019’s Module3D about 4 times, each being either better and more efficient than the last. Unfortunately, as I didn’t plan to do this before uploading the last update to Module3D V4 (fix for odd aspect ratios like 10:1), this one is only more efficient. I am going to thank @Oseday for the idea on the implementation with this:

Well, turns out this is very true. But first, here is a comparison (red is V4 and blue is V5):

They look the same, and that is because I couldn’t figure out any improvements to rotations. So, performance is the concern with this. With no camera movement and the frames and offset aren’t being updated, no new calculations are done. For when the camera is moving, script utilization goes down by about 60% (0.5% to 1% in script performance vs 2.5% to 3.5%).
As the main math hasn’t changed, being as optimized as I could get it, it is a drop in replacement V4.

Module: Module3D V5 - Roblox


Hehehe, no problem man, anytime. Great to see it. This was probably easier to implement too right?

Had a tiny bit of reworking to do, but I was able to get it done in an hour or so.

Awesome! Can’t wait to try this out.

Wow cool, thanks!

I may end up taking this down due to scaling problems when moving frames. I went from 27 FPS to 40 FPS in the inventory in Ultimate Boxing with V4 to 4 FPS with the new one, and that also includes the render culling I haven’t put up. I am doubtful there is a fix I can implement, but feel free to try before I pull it down.
I will be doing a V4.1 of the other one to include the option for render culling.