Yet another synthwavy track

Tried to recreate a track from HBO’s Watchmen series album by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, 'cause i’m tired (made with Surge freeware VST synthesizer)

tnx for reading


As always, awesome work on synths and track in general :+1:

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The opening synth has some really odd hiccups to it. At :08 the notes kind of collide a bit and make this really odd off-pitched sound to it. When everything else joins in, the synth blends in a bit more with everything else happening.
Only suggestion would be possibly raising the attack speed on the opening synth so it doesn’t drag along at some parts.

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Just awesome! I love it.I’ve heard something similar in some plays before.

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Just used another VCO with higher octave and LFO applied to make this detuny feel at :08, if you’re about this. I love odd stuff ;d