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:happy1: About Me

Hello! My name is Yorick, and I build, model and make GFX. I’ve been taking a pause from the building and modeling stuff for a while, and I’ve been learning a bit more about GFX!

I’d rather do commissions than long-term jobs…

:house: Showcase

Down here you can find some of my creations, organized by Blender creations, builds made in roblox studio and GFX.




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Other Creations

Schermafbeelding 2020-03-22 om 11.58.50

Profile Pictures


:mantelpiece_clock: Availability

I’m free most of the time but keep in mind that i also have school.

:moneybag: Payment

Building/Modeling: We could discuss about this because i haven’t really been paid properly, so i don’t know what i should ask for my creations/how much i want to be hired for. I can be paid via Group Funds and PayPal. I would like to be paid monthly when i’m hired and when i do a commission i would like to be paid before i make it.

GFX: I’m bad with prices. We’ll just discuss the price but banners will obviously be more expensive than profile pictures!! I prefer to be paid via PayPal (Euro) but you can also pay in robux.

:iphone: Contact

You can contact me on:

  • Discord: Yor_ick#4050 (I prefer you contacting me via Discord.)

  • Twitter: YorickPlaysRBLX

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: