Yorokobi Therapist Helper Guide


Yorokobi Therapist Helper Guide

You may go to your trainee after the trainer allows you to commence.

Hello, my name is ________ and I will be your trainer on this wonderful day!

We will start off with a V question trivia and end with a troll test! Are you ready?

  • Answer questions.

Amazing, we shall begin!

I. Please state your greeting.

  • Look for any grammatical errors.

II. What is your job as a Therapist?

  • To help and talk to clients who need help.

III. Can you work at the café?

  • No.

IV. What tools do you spawn with?

    • A call MR+ button.*

V. Can you help people who infer that they have mental health issues?

  • No, I must appoint them to an adult or another close family member.

Amazing job! We will now be moving on to the troll test. Are you ready to begin?

NOTE: Anything I say is not to be taken personally. I am simply helping you deal with trollers!

Conduct troll test.

Announce their results.

  • Amazing job! You have passed today’s session due to your stupendous grammar!
  • *Sadly, you have failed todays session. Do not be discouraged as you can always try again!

Take the trainee back to their line.