You are no longer allowed to use admin commands in your own game?

Hi there! My friend (triz2cool) recently got banned for ‘Cheat and Exploits’.

She’s the owner of the game and she got banned for ‘cheating’. Now first off, it’s a donation game so I don’t know how you could possibly cheat and second off, all she did was using admin commands in her game to have fun with her community and now she got banned. Is this a bug or are we no longer allowed to use admin commands in your own game?

(And the she was using HD Admin btw)


You are not allowed to use exploits to put in admin commands for yourself in a game :skull:


no, its just that free HD Admin model
she didn’t exploit nor cheat

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Strange… all you can do is send an appeal now

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yeah I did… it’s so weird
maybe it has something to do with byfron?

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No, Byfron only bans you if they detect tampering with the client. The moderator note also says “does not permit users to deploy or discuss any method of cheating”, so maybe your friend was talking about exploits?

Oh yeah maybe that’s why. Thx a lot!

it’s true that talking about exploits can cause you to be banned, but the thing is the “offensive item” here seems like the game title. i usually see people that got banned for talking about exploits get their message content on the offensive item label, but this doesn’t seem right.

No, that’s not what it means lol. It’s telling you the asset’s name, but the actual asset was the problem. You can even see the Asset Id listed.

not sure how you pointed out that the asset was the problem in the first reply, but yeah i’m wrong since i did not notice the “deploy or discuss” phrase on the moderator note. but it’s very strange if a donation game was considered a method of cheating on the platform.

Exactly, the assed id is just referring to the game, not to any chat conversations. The only way that could be ‘cheating’ in the game is the HD admin. But she has been using it for a while and never had problems with it in the past. And it’s not that game gives instructions on how to cheat or something. It’s just so vague. Roblox has to get better moderation and be more specific.