"You are not permitted to view this resource" when attempting to leave German Creators group

Once again, this should be a quick bug report.

I accidentally joined the German speaking Developers group, and now I cant leave it, and it messed with my time stamps, now showing “2 p.m.” instead of “4:52 PM”

Repro steps:

Join the German group on devforum.roblox.com/g/

Attempt to leave

You should get the error message.

EDIT: It’s a visual bug, as it let me leave. Still a bug…


(Bug replicates for all language groups)


Hey @DarkPixlz,

I don’t see you in the group anymore German developers - DevForum | Roblox, were you able to leave?

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What’s :up: but do u know how to join the German group it’s not there?

This has also been happening to me but when I try and like a post.

I was, it’s a visual bug, it says that, then throws you out of the group.

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Click Join

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I see, someone from the team will take a look!

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