You are publishing an experience that includes assets that may be private

So it has been like 2 months since i last time used roblox studio and when i wanted to publish a game to roblox something poped up its saying that i need to give permision to a sound or something im not so sure what i have to do, i was sure that i never added sound to this game and when i checked the whole game i didn’t find any sound in it so im not sure what is causing this.

here is a picture what i get when i try to publish the game

here is what sound is(i dont remember seeing this sound before or hearing it so it might be in my game because of a virus)

(link: Fail Sound - Roblox)


It is a new roblox policy in audios, Its not a virus, its just telling you that the audio may not be hear in game.

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is there any way i can find the audio in my game because i want to delete it but i can’t find it

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use the audio manager plugin which is now built in to see the path of the audio


In the “Filter workspace (Ctrl-Shift-X)” field, write Sound to find all sounds in the game.

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i tryied this before and i know that this should find the sound but it didn’t find any sound in the game

Try the audio manager plugin, it is located in the plugins tab of studio.

it doesn’t show any sounds either , i refreshed but it still says 0 audio’s