You can inject data into plugins with the settings.json file (plugin settings)

Mods dont hurt me - engineers dont fix please

Just as the title said, You can inject data into your plugins from outside of roblox. It performs much faster than HTTPService>localhost since im guessing roblox reads the file every time you call getsetting()

In short the settings.json file at %AppData%/Local/Roblox/[Current UserID]/InstalledPlugins/0 can be edited and read from live with Plugin:GetSetting() and Plugin:SetSetting()

I am sharing this for educational purposes and for non-malicious usages since it could allow for things like easier+faster connection with an IDE or integration with external services (ex music controls in studio with autopause for playtest or interaction with some other application)


Well, they can’t; it’s reading from a local file on your computer

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I was referring to robloxes engineers replacing the file with some other kind of settings method for plugins, They can ‘fix’ it by doing stuff like encrypting the file or storing it somewhere else where its hard to edit

As with any exploit/vulnerability (though those are stronger terms than id like to use for this since no real harm can be done with this) it is possible to patch it out