{You Choose What You Pay} [OPEN] Lore/Storyline Writing!

About Me :see_no_evil:

Hey! I am Nikki and I am a 14-15 year old story writer. I have recently started exploring roblox studios (despite playing the game for over 5 years). I think it is safe to say I do not have any programming abilities whatsoever, but I definitely want to get involved with the game making process. I love literature and generating creative ideas, so I think that this is a great place to start. However, I am 100% interested in learning about scripting, design and other game elements in the future.

What I can do for YOU!

Writing is more than words on a page: It is the expression of feelings, ideas or a story through captivating the reader’s attention and engaging them with the text. In games, a unique, well written storyline can be essential in it’s success. That is why I am here. Stories and creative texts have such a special place in my heart and I would love to use my talents to make your games even better! I am very good at building off existent game ideas or generating new ideas based off a particular setting/character. I also have a lot of unique, endorsing ideas which can help create a storyline from complete scratch!

Other than storylines, I can also make you an outstanding game description or write dialogue between NPCs or players. If you have any other literature needs for your game - let me know and I will give it a shot!


I am very flexible with my pricing, to the extent of you choosing what you pay. This is because I enjoy writing for games, and I understand that different groups have different budgets and funding. I can even take late payments and I do not mind occasionally working for free. My only condition is that I get credit for my work and this is a must. This is just because I pour my heart out into each piece that I write. Acknowledgement is very important to me.




I have discord and I am open to setting up a roblox instagram account if needed. My discord is Nikki.#2498 and feel free to contact me through this or the forum.


Reposted: I am so sorry if you already saw this! My old post was taken down due to being better suited for another category - that is fixed now :).


Can’t wait to see what you come up with!