"You have admin" UI Design

I’m making a admin panel and this is my first UI for the panel, I made it light mode since it’s gonna be set like that by default but of course there will be a dark varient.


Let me know what should change.

Maybe you should change the “I understand” button a little bit, put a little bit darker green color and text stroke if you want.


Maybe use a darker background such as (50,50,50), make the UI Corner like 20, because 8 is too small for this. Then make like the text like transparent a bit, to have that nice feel. I also suggest using gradients, for example a Grey/Black Gradient, you can customise it to your liking, but I feel like this is too plain, and simple.

Anyway, it’s still good, but yeah, some things you can change. ALSO make the green text darker as it is hard to see.

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Alright, will do! Thanks for your feedback.

@DevTeq True. I should probably mess with that a bit.

For the background color I already knew that, it’s just that light theme is by default.

wait, achdef??

Been a while.

The UI looks fairly nice, but could use more detail.

I’ll show you a Admin Pannel that I’m making.

Agreed, planning on adding a sort of shield logo, maybe details such as the rank level, stats, etc…

When it will be out, will it be free, paid, or exclusively for you ? It will be nice if I can use it for my games :relaxed:

It’s will most likely be first invite only for beta testing then afterwards depending on the quality either paid or free, but for now I plan for it to be free.

What game are you making it about? I could help. Also adchef friend me again.

Cool ! If it will be paid I think I won’t can afford it because I am very poor

My maximum price for paid is 5 robux in any of my projects to make it affordable for everyone unless it’s really high quality (which isn’t most likely)

The min for a paid game is 25.

It isn’t centered about a specific game, it’s overall to make game moderation a lot easier, also friend request accepted.

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I’m talking about models, which is minimum 5 robux.

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Oh ok. 5 Robux I think I’ll can afford it, but even for 5, it’s not sure because my games don’t get a lot of Robux

Oh, well I’ve become a professional builder programmar and UI designer.

I could program some of it for you.

We should switch to a private message since this is getting off topic.

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