You have some utf-8 characters to give me? (i need it!)

Hello for my datastore script, I need some utf-8 characters to have.
I view many website but roblox don’t count this to be a utf-8.
Because there are many errors type of no utf-8.

For the moment i have this:

So complete the list!

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You can just run a simple for loop to get utf-8 characters.

for i = 0x00, 0x3ff do
    --          ^ there are much more than this

I forgot to change string to utf-8!
Solution: utf8.char(string.byte(chars,i,i))

You can also write your loop like this:

local function create_scoped_tokens(chars)
	local tbl = {}
	for start, stop in utf8.graphemes(chars) do
        -- start: where the first byte sequence starts
        -- stop: where the last byte sequence ends
		table.insert(tbl, string.sub(chars, start, stop))
	return tbl
local scoped_tokens = create_scoped_tokens("awqsxzedcvgfrtbnhyujkiolpmMPLKIOUJNBHYTGVFREDCXSZAQW0.321456987+-*/<>!:?%$*^=)_-\\[]{}ȚșȘȓȐȆǿŮŧ")

Thank you so much! I appreciated!

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