You should be able to ban people from your posts

It’s annoying when people comment on your post’s and their not even useful, as an example:

  • The person is using ChatGPT, there post does not help at all.
  • The person is fighting with others and taking over your post with comments
  • The person is spamming in your posts.

If this feature is used, here is what would happen:

  • All of the persons comments on the post would be removed
  • The post would become unlisted for the player.
  • (For safety) ban the player from sending messages.
  • Good Idea
  • Abusive Idea
  • Bad Idea

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This is a really bad idea, and I k ow why you are doing this, also, thsi was already made, I from before creating a #forum-help:forum-features tread, and also, to defend myself, I was only telling you to move the topic to another category, and you spammed in my post after taht


Hey @Sea_KidTwelve , you can use the “Muted” / “Ignored” feature to achieve most of this. Go to the user’s profile and mark them as “Muted” / “Ignored” as desirable:

If someone is significantly detracting from your post, feel free to flag their replies as Off-Topic and Spam as appropriate and Mute/Ignore them via their profile.


Also, just wanted to state that if someone tells you to move a topic to another category that isn’t off-topic and shouldn’t be flgged

Please use private messages to let the poster know. This is less messy than posting the same comments on the public topic, and notifies fewer people to the topic.

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