Roblox should add Request Category Change for topics

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to convince others’ topics to go to a different category without making replies to a topic or sending them a DM and not everyone have DM’s open because of their settings and Hooksmith stated that he recommends to DM the OP (original poster) but sometimes the OP doesn’t accept messages and it would say this “Sorry, {user-name} is not accepting messages at the moment” and if I reply, then some people might flag me for spam or off-topic then I would get a message from @moderators titled “Feedback - DM instead of Reply” or “Feedback - Off-Topic Reply” telling me to DM to make the topics less messy with replies.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I can easily request moving the topic without worrying about getting flagged or doing loads of attmepts to DM


You just just reinstate that the OP didn’t have PMs enabled if your post gets flagged.

Although, this is a feature for Discorse to implement, not Devforum.

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  1. I would like to say that not everyone has DM’s open because of their settings choice, you can simply go to{your-account-username}/preferences/notifications and change Allow other users to send me personal messages to false


  1. You’re probably wrong, Sometimes my posts get flagged and 99% of the time, the OP has DM’s open.
  2. I don’t really know what discourse is nor used it but I do know that the DevForums is made using discourse
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He’s right, I got flagged a lot of times because of this, and also, not everybody has Discourse, I don’t even know how to post there, that’s why I post here, probably it’s the same for @VSCPlays
Also @VSCPlays I already suggested something like this, I’ll link the topic ASAP


You’re not understanding my point here.

I never said that everyone had their DMs open, I was stating that you are still able to appeal the moderation action by stating that the OP does not have PMs open.

Then that’s on you. If you knew that they had PMs open and still requested a topic swap in the replies then whocan you blame for that?

This is why I’ve suggested you to go on Discourse to request this feature

Signing up isn’t something you can’t do. Discourse works the same as Devforum, did you do even try to search it up?

I disagree because ultimately you aren’t the best person to communicate this, it’s down to the forum moderation team to do so. It’s ultimately a courtesy to let them know in DMs, flag as normal, and move on. When you cannot DM them, flag as normal and move on.

This was an issue years ago on the forums, so much so I made a feature request to explicitly block this behaviour. Previously users use to reply to threads, and once moved it becomes off topic.

So much so, this feature request caused rule 3.1 to come into force.

I haven’t quite seen a use case which would make me think we should reverse this change nor do I think DevRel would do so.


uuhhh 99% of the time they don’t accept flags though… as cpguy1058 said:

Just because they say “Thanks for letting us know, We agree there is an issue and we’re looking into it” doesn’t mean they aren’t actually agree there’s an issue, nor they’re actually looking into it


uuhhh they might ask me for email and fill my inbox with unwanted stuff, and it’s not recommended to use temporary emails as the owner can access everything, and my email uses outlook, and it’s not the best

Just to confirm that is indeed the approved flag template, forum moderators would then take extra action which may not be visible to the end user (such as feedback messages)

I’ve been on the forum since Jan 2018 and I would disagree that it’s 99% or even anywhere close to that. I would describe it to be below 5%. (I might be biased being at the highest levels of the forums in my time)

Even if this was the case, it does not give you the right to mini-mod, it is not productive of your time as a developer. Developers should be developing, you are welcome to help people with their mistakes within the rules as long as you remain polite and professional about the matter.

A failure to act is not reason alone to revoke this rule, it should be a different thread entirely, and effectively reintroduce the ability for members of this forum to power trip and create extra work for the moderation team as clearly identified throughout the thread I shown above.

I urge you to read the feature request I made in full, including the replies, to fully understand why historic president introduced this rule and what sort of conduct we may see reintroduced.


I don’t understand english well so I can’t read… (im speaking english because I’m translating…)

I said that they don’t accept flags most of the time and credited cpguy1058

Thanks for the request. If you think something is in the wrong category, and you can’t private message the user, and you think it is critical that the post is moved to the other category, you can always flag the post as “Something Else” and mention the right category and a moderator will look at this.

We don’t have any particular appetite to build a complex user flow here for this niche case at the moment.


uuhhh hooksmith, this is what @cpguy5089 said this



Feel free to DM me specific examples of threads where you think it’s critical they are moved to a different category but have not been moved and additionally the thread poster has their messages turned off.

My hunch is that in most of the cases being referred to, either the right category is not absolutely clear or the topic is already in the right category, or it would disrupt things more if they were moved than left alone (e.g. for threads that are already not active anymore).