Your Builds Being Featured

I’m currently working on a large game, I’ve only recently started development and haven’t yet done much building. I’m currently working on the GUI’s, mainly the Menu GUI, which is going to be quite significant in the start of the game. The Starting Menu is going to be presented to the player upon joining the game, it’s going to look similar to the loading screen featured in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and will present images of locations in the background. However, I thought that instead of being cliche and copying other games with that style I thought I would ask if anyone would want their builds being featured.

The reason that this is in help and feedback on building support is that I would like help with my game by importing images of games created by other developers. This is also giving support to other people by helping promote their games, accounts and builds.

If you send me this image, it will be featured in game and you will be credited. I will not be taking credit for any images shown unless I created them/if they’re mine and they will only be shown at the start of the game whilst the player is loading in.

The game will be public to everyone and is a free-roaming, open-world game. I’m looking for images of small, detailed locations, not large images of a city. Preferably at night, however the time in the game isn’t very significant. Whether or not I use your image I don’t know yet but I will contact you if I do.

I can remove the image from the game at any point if you wish for that to happen. Please reply with any images or if you have any questions - if you want to send them privately that’s fine too, just let me know!

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