You're Invited! Level Up: Horror Games on Roblox

Hello Developers!

In Level Up virtual roundtable events, top Roblox developers discuss the game design best practices that contribute to their enduring success on the platform. Viewers are invited to learn from the experience of these developers and apply their insights to their own games.

Horror Games on Roblox

Horror game development got you spooked? We’re here to help!

Join our developer panelists Charcle (Rainbow Friends), MrWindy (Flee the Facility), CrimsonForce (Panik) and WonderWorksZach (Pooh) in this virtual event as they discuss developing in the horror genre and answer your questions in a live Q&A.

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2023 on Zoom

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All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

  • 9:45 AM: Virtual Doors Open / Welcome
  • 10:00 AM: Roundtable Event Starts
  • 11:30 AM: After Party*
  • 12:00 PM: Event End

*The Afterparty is an optional post-event hangout for networking! This part of the event will be held separately with a different Zoom link and will not be recorded.

If you are not able to attend live – don’t fret! After each event, videos are shared on the Level Up YouTube channel so you never have to worry about missing out. We will update this post when the videos are available.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

:ghost: The Level Up team


I am looking forward to the Event, without a doubt we will have a lot of knowledge to share!


this level up is gonna be so swag


Excited to hear what you have to say!


I’ve been playing Flee the Facility since I was young. Always has been and will be a good Roblox Classic for me. Definitely will be joining y’all!


It’s sad that some actual horror games aren’t there, but FTF is a loved one by me.


Looking forward to the event! See you there!


I sadly cant join cus I have school on thursday :frowning_face:

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I feel like some of the choices for the panelists were, interesting to say the least. Surprised to see a Rainbow Friends dev, but not any of the devs behind Doors or Submarine Simulator. Glad to see MrWindy there though.


Is this a new thing or am I dumb?

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They did a few level up events before, but only select developers were invited before. This time its open to all developers.

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The event is on March 30, correct?

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Flee The Facility is and was always a great game!

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Thursday, March 30
10:00am PDT (the Zoom room will open at 9:45)

Hi @Aeplexi! We only recently opened up our events to all developers, but we have held over 20 of them so far, on topics like monetization, UI/UX and live operations. You can check out the videos from those past events on the Level Up YouTube channel!

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If I join this what would happen on 30th of march and also what will I do?

Hi @xalwaleedx, if you join, you’ll be able to watch our panel discussion live and participate in the audience Q&A session. You will need a Zoom account to participate.

I want join too i will really like this event

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Saved the date! Looking forward to it.

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Will anyone wanna see me there?

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