Youtuber Channel Advertising In-game

Hi there my name is Stylex. I have been trying to figure out for a while now If it is allowed to promote youtubers who are affiliated with my game within my game. I have billboards in my game that I am planning on adding youtubers channels who are all kid friendly and pretty known in the community. Can i get banned/ my game removed for have a banner in game showing the channel off?

Image of example below

considering your games fanbase, probably not due to minus 13 players

Their content is Kid friendly, the game is for all ages and I am much older then 13. . .

And the post you linked me helps because Youtube is allowed but not to long ago i was warned for uploading a Youtube text to roblox

posting links on the game is not allowed, but using the social links on the configure place page will not get you banned as well as putting the channels name on boards. also make sure ur following their api thingy

awesome can you link me that screenshot

check for yourself
Roblox Community Standards – Roblox Support