You've Been Captcha'd

I think real people make the places, then the bots populate them to get them to front page. The reason a captcha is needed is to prevent bots from guessing passwords. Roblox prevented this by taking the user to the website and making them use the on-site catchpa, but this update just allows users to take the catchpa in studio.

I’m pretty sure that is exactly what this update fixes

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Phishing is typically done manually though I could be mistaken. Either way I feel as if this is more of an annoyance to developers especially if you’re one of those unlucky chaps who get an extended verification requiring you to flip an animal 20 times.

This particular Funcaptcha isn’t fun to say the least

Even if phishing did somehow become an automated process, tightening security won’t discourage malicious users instead they’ll resort back to phishing manually.

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Was this even needed? Pretty sure those scam places that would occasionally appear on the front page would’ve been done by hand. (who would scam people instead of making a real place and get money from that lol)

Hey, I didn’t understand your tutorial showing me how to beat the minigame. Is it because I skipped the first step? I don’t like this minigame so much…

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I have issues with the captcha system and VPNs when logging in but not when: Posting to a group wall, basically every other captcha except joining groups and i’d love to get these fixed since turning my VPN off kills my discord bot too.


It’s more about stopping captcha bypassing - people (I presume) were using the Studio login API to login to their nasty spam bots.


This is a login captcha. Even if this were a reasonable thing to suggest, you can’t be identified as a BC user until you log in… Which is what the captcha is for.


Not sure I see the application of adding Captcha to studio… could someone take a minute to explain? :slight_smile:

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From my understanding it’s essentially to prevent login captcha bypasses by bot accounts - they used to use the mobile API, and (I presume) they moved to the studio login API after that got patched.

I see, sort of frustrating (especially when it tries to make you solve 20 of these things, and that is not a joke- has happened to me), but makes sense.

It’s annoying, especially considering I pushed for captchas being more widespread early on and now I’m targeted heavily…
It’s especially bad for anyone using shared IPs (work locations, colleges, public wifi) or people who are overseas (?!).

Considering it uses machine learning to threat rate attempts, I’m sure just like on the chat filter they’ll be working on fine tuning the targeting for bots rather than legitimate developers. soon™

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My only concern is that we will need to complete 7 puzzles to verify that we’re a human before gracing the Roblox community with our god-like creativity. Will this ever be the case or is it always going to be 1 and done?

I’m referring to the group wall where I regularly perform 5 of these tasks before commenting to a wall…


There was some error which needed me to sign in through a browser in the past. With this update, would that have stopped the issue?

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It’d be much more of a hassle to recode the entire framework they’ve developed for it to not apply to certain people. Captcha certifies whether you’re human or not.

Won’t be a problem here… Everytime i log into studio it sends me to the browser just like half of the developers who keep logging off and on studio.

Anyways theres still captcha solvers for very cheap,and no bots make scam games well some do, most are made by people so I agree with you completely

Just to clear up the confusion above of several posters: this feature was not added for security reasons, but for UX reasons. There has already been a captcha when you log in for ages, so adding this does not lead to better security.

This update just brings the captcha to Studio so that you don’t need to redirect to a browser to log in when it expects you to complete a captcha. It just makes the login flow better for Studio.


I’ve always default been logged into studio since I downloaded it on my device (except when I do certain things like updates) so never knew about this.

This captcha with groups was always a pain for me because I kept getting things 180* wrong. :frowning:

Maybe use pictures that more obviously have a way to discern what they are/what direction is up? I didn’t realise it was a bike at all until long after the 5th time doing that image captcha.

Is this using the same Captcha method as the website? I really don’t want to have to align 10+ images every time I want to login to Studio (this has actually happened)


Thank you for answering my question. Now I don’t need to worry about the extra few seconds taken to log in from a browser! It keeps getting annoying now.