You've Been Captcha'd

Get it? Because now we captcha you in Studio… As you were captcha’d, you may have felt a rush of some sort of warm, hug-like feeling. This is normal, because we noticed after this amazing change we saw a 99.9% increase in your happiness. This is paradise. You better believe it (or else) .

We have been creating 100% whole-grained captcha’s since December of 2018. This change is about making captcha’s deliver straight to your local Studio rather than your Default Browser. This makes your experience faster and more family friendly.

In case you didn’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you logged into Studio this morning, I have provided a set of detailed instructions below in case you forgot how to login.

  1. Open Studio while you drink your morning coffee, or tea. I can’t help you if you don’t make it past this step.
  2. Type in your elaborate username as you eagerly await for your imagination to be powered.
  3. Play a minigame that is totally not a captcha determining if you are human.
  4. Pass through the gate of 2 Step Verification (depending on who you are, this gate may not exist).
  5. :fireworks: YOU DID IT! :partying_face:

If you don’t actually want to follow my instructions you can watch this pretty video that took me hours to put together.

I was also told to tell you that we still have the browser login in-case captcha ever fails. Also, if you are one of those souls that is still on MacOS 10.9… please upgrade to 10.10. thank you :heart:

Otherwise, thank you for reading. I don’t tell you this enough, but you are an incredible person. As always, a huge shout out to my favorite people who did all the real work: @swmaniac and @Malvaviscos


So I’m not breathtaking, just incredible? My life is a lie :frowning:


This is quite a neat addition, but it doesn’t beat the RTS page.


I refuse updating from OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on a 2008 Mac Pro (not my main machine, that’s a custom built) :laughing:


Actually, I don’t think it supported unauthorized stuff. It just made you do a login in your browser, rather than supporting it in Studio itself. It was more of an annoyance than a security flaw.


For some reason I can never log into studio, I always got redirected there


You can’t beat a captcha that both scares away the bots and simultaneously keeps you entertained the whole time.


Boy am I glad this feature is here, added protection means all our files and super secret simulator 5000’s are safe and secure. Huge captchahug to the team that got this feature up and running, and of course griffy (best announcement writer ever) sorry coefficients


Great feature, but I got one question. When opening studio, will we have to re log in?


Studio shall always remember your login until you log out or until something else happens.


People can still exploit within games, therefor placestealing is not really hindered in any way by this.

Plus, many exploiters just go into the place, they never break into people’s accounts (or rarely).

If this issue were to be addressed, it would mean roblox would need to install a detector for any third party process running on your computer, which is impossible as it would violate privacy laws.


This is pretty cool, thanks for adding new security updates :smiley:

Honestly I don’t remember the last time I had to login to studio though it’d just automatically sign me in and if it fails I just re-open studio :upside_down_face:


What exactly was the reason for adding a captcha to studio, as this really won’t prevent a bot using the api to upload a place? Or were there some undocumented api changes with this?


Sometimes the log in doesn’t even work and tells you to log in via the browser! Fix that and it will be a neat feature.


Not sure why everyone is saying that this will somehow increase security. Captcha isn’t going to prevent someone from logging into your account if they have your password and your 2-step verification code. It just stops bots from logging into studio. I’m assuming this was done because of a loophole where bots could log in using studio and bypass captcha? Don’t see any use cases for bots logging into studio otherwise.


I don’t really understand the reasoning for this, as it is it’s annoying when you log in but it says to many attempts were made on this system or something and you got to go in the browser and click login to studio (I can’t remember what exactly it says)
Please fix that if you didn’t already.

Do bots really make places?


Will we see captchas for taking models? In the Roblox car community, it isn’t uncommon for someone to free a model so someone can take it and then lock it quickly. I ask this because apparently there are bots that can snipe these models while they’re still free and steal it. A captcha would be pretty helpful here in mitigating this.

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There still may be a few of those Free Robux games created by bots. This might stop them, unless they are real people willing to scam people with their Free Robux games.

I doubt that this is the intention, but I’m just guessing the reason behind this.

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Can’t you just send the model as a file, or open a team create with the person and put the model in there so they can take it?

Yah you could just do that. I still think a captcha would be nicer