YTFUZE123 - Building portfolio [OPEN]

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My name is YTFUZE123, I am 13 and I am a Roblox beginner builder, I first began building around a year ago now and I believe I have come quite far since then, this is my first time introducing my work to a bigger side of the developer community.

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Here is an example of my most recent build:

My own game spawn:



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My time zone: GMT Weekdays - 3:30 - 5:00 Weekends - I am on mostly all day unless going somewhere.

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I only accept ROBUX, my prices range from how big or small the commission is, we will go into further details in DMs. If you are looking for a pet model in blender then it will be 200 robux.

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I am not allowed to chat in calls, this is not my choice but my parents choice.
You can contact me through Discord via: FuzeDev#5172

Please note, I can cancel any commission if I feel demotivated or I feel that it is out of my comfort zone.

If you are to add me, please make sure to reply to this on the devforum so I know who’s friend request I’m accepting.

Thanks for reading my building portfolio!

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The build you built for them is great but the post itself maybe make more examples so then you can get more people to buy from you.
The more examples the more clients you will get I believe.
But overall the layout you chose for the post is amazing.
Outstanding work.

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Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to reply to this. I am aware that there is not a lot of work on my portfolio, the reason is because I have done lot’s of builds in the past but have not had the time to take picture’s of them, I apologize for this, and I will make sure to take picture’s/screenshots in the future.

No need to apologize when I first made a portfolio, I didn’t have a lot of examples, so yea no need for the apology.
I was just telling you to give more examples.
No need for an apology.
It’s all okay, you’re not getting into trouble xd.
Just telling you to add more examples then you may get some clients that might want to order from you.

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I have updated my portfolio with my most recent build.
This is my own games spawn, I think it is going very well.

Do you do low poly work? I wasn’t able to see much from your portfolio.

Yes, I do, mainly realistic but I really like low poly style.

I have updated my examples with a pet I recently made in blender, blender has extra cost.

not to offend you, but i think you might be charging a little too much for a pet. i think 1000 robux is a bit pricey for the example you have given, maybe around 200-500. not too offend you!

Ah, yeah I think so too, I will change it.

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Lewis#9189 - Accept it please!

I updated the examples with one of my most recent pets, this is definitely my best pet yet.

I am unfortunately not going to be able to carry on due to wanting to get better and I am good at other things such as animating and logo designs, I am going to be making a portfolio with lot’s of things that I do. Thank you.