Yummy Foods Cafe Training Guide

How the training should and will operate is below, each role is outlined there so make sure you do what you need to do. This guide is suggested to all staff but is only required to co-host+


Trainee: trainee-team member
Helper: Senior Team Member+
Co-Host: Manager+
Host: Training Director+
Overseer: Corporation Intern+


Host: Run the “!Host” Command
CoHost: Run the “!CoHost” Command

Before you start reading the rules run the PTS command

To enabled PTS: “!PTS On”
To disable PTS: “!PTS Off”


IMPORTANT NOTE: anything in () dont say, follow the action stated inside them
Make sure to use the /shout command to create a group shout for the training
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Hello everyone, and welcome to todays training!
[Host] slock
Make sure to use the /shout command to let people know the trainings locked
[Host] (CMD bar) m I am your host.
[Co-Host] (CMD bar) m And I am your co-host.
[Co-Host] (CMD bar) m I would like to thank our helpers for joining to help out with this training.
[Host] (CMD bar) m Without further ado lets begin with the rules and how this training will work.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm We will start with rules.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Rule: follow all cafe rules.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Rule: be kind to your trainer and helper.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Rule: use common sense not all rules are listed.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Now time to go over the training
[Host] (CMD bar) sm There are 5 parts.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Greeting, orders, troll management, grammar testing, and cafe test.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm You must pass a certain amount depending on your rank.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Trainees must pass 3 parts will less then 7 grammar mistakes.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Juniors must pass 4 parts will less then 5 grammar mistakes.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm And members must pass 5 parts with less then 3 grammar mistakes.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Each section will have 6 tests, you must pass 4 tests to earn a point for that section.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm At the end of the training, if you pass you will move on to grammar check, if you fail you will be kicked.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm We will use chatlogs to check your grammar. Depending on your rank, you will either be promoted or failed for grammar check.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm If you pass the training you will be ranked up.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Without any further ado lets begin.
[Host] Open door
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Please go and stand at a register and wait to be trained.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm PART 1: Greeting.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Helpers please go and ask people for there greetings, then report back to the co-host or host and a report if a user passed or failed.
[Helpers] Ask people for their greetings then report if a user passed or failed to a co-host+]
[Co-Host+] Use the following commands
Passers: change (user) Points (+1 point)
Failers: N/A
[Host] (CMD bar) sm PART 2: ordering.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Our helpers will go around and order at least 3 items from you (2 drinks, 1 food) and up to 6 items. Helpers report to a co-host+ if a user passed or failed.
[Helpers] Order at least 3 items from the trainees and max 6 items, then report to a co-host+ who passed and failed.
[Host] Use these commands
Passers: change (user) Points (+1 point)
[Host] (CMD bar) sm PART 3: troll management.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Trollers get 3 warnings before being kicked.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Only MR+ can kick so if you need to kick someone you may need to call for one.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm To warn someone at the cafe say !warn (fulluser) (reason).
[Host] (CMD bar) sm For today, instead of calling for a MR just RP it.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm The helpers will go around and pretend to troll you, do what you think you should do. Helpers after please report to a co-host+ about the results.
[Helpers] Pretend to troll, make sure they issue 3 warnings then call for a MR to kick. If they do this correctly tell a co-host+ they passed, otherwise tell a co-host+ they failed.
[Host] Use this command
Passers: change (user) Points (+1 point)
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Part 4: grammar.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Our helpers get a break this time around, its time for the grammar test.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm You will be messaged up to 6 messages that you must correct the grammar in.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Once you get the message shown on the bottom right of your screen, please correct the grammar and send it back.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm If your message did not send or is tagged please let the person know.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Its time to begin.
[Overseer/Host/Co-Host] Send at least 3 messages, and up to 6 messages to a person with grammar they must correct. Depending on how many you sent, use the chart below to figure out if they passed or not.

3 messages > must have 1 correct
4 messages > must have 2 correct
5 messages > must have 3 correct
6 messages > must have 4 correct

[Host] use these commands
Passers: change (user) Points (+1 point)

[Host] (CMD bar) sm PART 5: Simulation : Final part
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Its time for the final part
[Host] (CMD bar) sm The helpers will be customers, serve them how you would at the cafe. Greeting, grammar, ordering, and maybe troll management.
[Host] (CMD bar) sm Your customer will come back 3 times, serve them correctly each time to get a point for this part.
[Helpers] Pretend to be a customer, troll them, order from them. Keep in mind that you are also judging on there greeting. Do this 3 times. After, report to the co-host+ to report if the person passed or not. To pass they must do each customer correctly.
[Host] use these commands
Passers: change (user) Points (+1 point)

[Host] m This is the end of the training, please wait for you to be named to see if you passed or not.

Trannies: 3 points
Junior team members: 4 points
Team member: 5 points

[Host] use these commands
Passers: name (user) Passed training
Failers: name (user) Failed training

[Host] (CMD bar) m If you have failed, you may always try again at the next one! We will now be kicking you if you failed.

[Host] kick failers with command below
kick (user) Failed training. You may always try again.

[Host] m Its now time for a grammar check. We will use chatlogs to check you all one by one for any grammar mistakes during this session. If you have more then your rank allows you will be failed.

[Overseer/host/co-host] Check users for grammar mistake with the chatlogs command, and chatlogs search function

Trainees can only have: 10 grammar mistakes
Junior Team Members can only have: 5 grammar mistakes
Team members can only have: 3 grammar mistakes

[Overseer/host/co-host] use these commands
Passers: name (user) Passed grammar check
Failers: name (user) Failed grammar check

[Host] (CMD bar) m If you failed you may always try again.

[Host] use this command to kick failers
Failers: kick (user) Failed grammar check, you may always try again.

[Host] (CMD bar) m We will now rank you, please do not leave until you are dismissed.

[Overseer/host/co-host] Use the discord bot /promote command with full usernames of people who passed.

After you ranked someone use the name command to name them “Ranked”

[Host] (CMD bar) m This training has been dismissed! Bye.

[Host] shutdown
Make sure to use the /shout command to make a shout about the training ending