Z-Gun Model L - Nighttime FPS Arena

A night raid variant of the TCC testing warehouse for Z-Gun Model L. Not entirely practical, but it looks cool.

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Can we have the light beam and grid textures pls? :point_right::point_left: :flushed:


rbxassetid://2382169232 - Beam
rbxassetid://2933713503 - Grid

You’ll have to download and edit the grid texture if you want some custom text on it.


I wasn’t expecting a reply. Thanks! :joy:

Maybe you can add some target humans to shoot at? Just like in the warehouse map in Phantom Forces. :eyes:

Other thing, where is that light coming from?

It’ll be released as a multiplayer test map, so you’ll definitely be able to shoot people. We also have a second map for singleplayer testing which takes place in an actual shooting range which does have targets.