ZappyDCG - GFX Artist [Still Learning]

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Hello there, my name is ZappyDCG and I am learning to become a GFX artist and I have found it really difficult to create good looking icons or make good looking GFX, that is why I decided to start icon commissions. I am also looking to become a builder but my main focus is on my GFX because that is what I am used to…

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I wanna start earning and learning at the same time that is the case, the payment I prefer is R$ and the renders are 35 - 75R$ but the icons are 150 - 500R$ depending on how you want it. Just know I am still learning and I’m not so advanced, so please don’t ask for ones similar to very popular game ones.

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I am not available all the time because I am really busy but I’m mostly active on the weekends if I have nothing to do…

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or in discord. Please don’t judge the discord server
I’m am not really good at creating them.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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