|Zappy's Portfolio| - I will make you icons! - [50R$ / Or More] - [OPEN]


About me

Hello there, my name is ZappyDCG and I am learning to become a GFX artist and I have found it really difficult to create good looking icons or make good looking GFX, that is why I decided to start icon commissions. I am also looking to become a builder but my main focus is on my GFX because that is what I am used to.




Finished Commissions


I am mostly available during weekends but sometimes I will get back to you late because I am very very busy. Though I will never take as long as week or more than 2 - 3 days, that is a promise. - [But if something happens to my PC or I get banned it might be that way]


I accept payment before icons or renders are made. Why? I don’t wanna get scammed, I wanna start earning and learning at the same time that is the case. The payment I prefer is R$ and the renders are 10 - 25R$ but the icons are 50 - 75R$ depending on how you want it. Just know I am not a very talented GFX Artist or that good at making icons so please don’t ask for very advanced ones.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or in discord at [zap :gun:#6916]

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


50 robuxs because you are not talented?


I actually like the examples you put, the prices should go higher to 100-500 in my opinion.

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I’m not looking to charge them really high but I like the idea. I might consider it, thank you!

Hello, Zappy!

I am wondering if you do roblox SCP:F department logos’, as I really need somebody to redesign our current ones because they are truly outdated, and need to be updated.

Also, what other payment methods do you take? Gamepasses, roblox % or what?

You can contact me on discord or in this thread, thank you!

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I have not really started a payment yet but I might use game passes, could you send an example?
When an example is sent I’m gonna let you know if I can design one for you!

I think I have found the game, is it this one?