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Who Is ZeeIous?

Hey! Im a 14 y/o developer who has experiences in building and a little programming. I have been a developer since 2016 but just got around to making my portfolio now haha! Here is some of my work!


Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.14.50 AM (The low poly one is a little something i’m working on!)


I have worked on a few games but nothing to big, such as…:

Brick Bronze revamp (10k visits).
Escape the police station obby! (4k visits)
Escape punishment Obby! (2k visits)
Squidward on a chair. (Meme) (1k visits)
Total: 17,000 group visits!

Profile Statistics

I joined roblox in 2014 on my ZeeIous account, but began playing with my friend on @pandapoot on their account in 2012. My account has accumulated 5,000 place visits(mainly from my rdc game).


I only do commissions if I am working on ONE project, and if the pay is decent. I will take low pay and I will put my best work into it, just not all the time I have. My commissions are currently closed.

Thanks for reading!

Discord: Zee#5601

Very stunning builds! Keep up the good work :smile:

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you might wanna put “builder” in your portfolio’s title so people know what they’re look at